Welcome to www. lawhelp.in. This portal is started with a objective to create awareness about Indian laws and procedures among people of India and abroad. In order to fulfill our objective we have invited lawyers, organizations and individuals to join us to do voluntary service as far as possible, so that together we all help in creating a legally aware and socially responsible society.  All user of this site are requested to read fully our ‘terms of use’ to be able to properly utilize services provided by this site.

We have created a ‘free advice’ column for people to ask free of cost general questions about correct position of law when ever they have doubts in mind. In order to provide them free advice they can send us relevant information and documents. However this section is not for going very deeply through the documents requiring extra time and efforts, neither this section is for providing citations, case laws, judgments, articles, study notes or to discuss various aspects of case laws. This section will be free of cost to the users of the site.

We have created ‘opinion before going to court’ section to help those people who need second opinion before filing of cases in the courts. At times people are doubtful about strength of their cases, about the material and evidence in their favor or against and if in that situation they need second opinion before filling cases in the courts they can seek our opinion. This opinion will also be absolutely free of cost to them.

We have also created ‘report a crime’ column for members to post incidents of crime to help victims of crime where administration and authorities concerned fail or refuse to address their grievances. This column is created to help victims of crime and to their well wisher by providing them platform to post incidents of crime happened against them or others. By highlighting problems faced by them may encourage other members of the society to offer help to victims of crime. In this section posting of incidents will be absolutely free of cost.


In our ‘find a lawyer’ section we will try to find a lawyer if the user of this site need services of a lawyer anywhere within territory of India. We are trying to enroll as many lawyers as possible who are willing to help by doing some voluntary legal work for the people, who are short of funds, however in any case people should be ready to meet actual expenses on their cases even if they choose any member lawyer from this site. This section will also be absolutely free of cost.

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