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SDO Honey Trapped: 10 Lakh extorted

An officer holding the rank of sub-divisional officer (SDO) in the irrigation department of Sheopur allegedly fell victim to an organized crime and was honey trapped, where he was allegedly deceived and forced to give away a significant amount of Rs 10 Lakh.

Distressed by the incident, the officer reported the matter to the Padav police station in Gwalior. However, to his surprise, soon after the complaint was made, a minor from Rajasthan arrived at the police station and filed a rape case against the officer.

Honey Trapped by Unidentified Phone Call

The victim, Shridhar Lal Ateria, aged 60, claimed that approximately three months ago, he received an unexpected phone call from an unidentified number. Upon answering, a woman introduced herself as Suman Verma and engaged him in conversation.

Over time, Ateria began receiving frequent calls from Suman, and they developed a friendship. Initially, their interactions appeared harmless, but gradually, the nature of their conversations turned explicit.

They even indulged in obscene acts during their video calls on WhatsApp. Ateria claimed that during this period, Suman recorded videos and took photos of him, which were later used as blackmail material.

Demanded Rs 10 Lakh

On July 6, 2023 Suman contacted Ateria and demanded money, instructing him to come to Gwalior. Ateria checked into a hotel in the vicinity of the Padav police station, where he was met by Suman, accompanied by a young man named Abhidev and one minor girl.

Suman then demanded Rs 10 lakh from Ateria, who initially gave Rs 5 lakh. However, Suman insisted on the full amount and threatened to file a rape case against him if he refused.

Feeling apprehensive about the potential consequences, Ateria reluctantly agreed to pay an additional four lakh rupees. In order to safeguard himself from any further legal trouble, he persuaded Suman to provide a written assurance that she would not pursue any legal action against him.

Demand Of More Money

Subsequently, Ateria returned to Sheopur. The next day, Suman Verma contacted Ateria once again and demanded more money. Realizing that the accused would persist in blackmailing him, Ateria made the decision to approach the police and file a case.

 Acting upon his complaint, the police registered a case against Suman, Abhidev, and the minor girl at midnight.

Two hours later, a minor girl from Hanuman Garh, Rajasthan arrived at the Padav police station, accusing SDO Shridhar Lal Ateria of rapingo her under the false pretense of offering her a job.

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