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Election commission responsible for covid cases

Election commission responsible for covid cases
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The Election commission responsible for covid cases observed by the Madras High Court

The Madras High Court today said that the Election Commission of India ought to be set up on murder allegations presumably for being the most unreliable organization throughout the most recent couple of months in not preventing politicians and their parties from wanton abuse of the Covid-19 convention.


“You (the Election Commission) are the lone establishment answerable for the circumstance that we are in today. You have been totally inadequate with regards to any sort of activity of power. You did not take measures against political gatherings holding rallies in spite of each request by this court saying ‘keep up Covid convention, keep up Covid convention’,” the main seat of Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthil kumar Ramamoorthy said.


“Presently we guarantee you we will quit checking in the event that we don’t discover before May 2 a plan on how appropriate support of Covid convention will be kept up so this state capitulates to your eccentricities any further,” the court added.


“At no expense, the vote counting on May 2 outcome in being an impetus to a further flood of covid cases, governmental issues or no legislative issues and whether the including happens in a stunned way or conceded. General wellbeing is of principal significance and it is upsetting that protected specialists must be reminded in such respect… ” the court added.


Holding the election commission responsible for covid cases, the Double Bench of the Madras High Court made observations in the PIL filed by the Tamil Nadu transport minister MR Vijayabhaskar AIADMK candidate for directions by the court in ensuring proper procedure and fairness in vote counting which is likely to be held on 2nd May, 2021, in the Karur area constituenecy. In this seat there are 77 candidates belonging to various different political parties contesting against each other for winning this seat.

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